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Client Oxford
Services Branding, Branding Guidelines, Art Direction
Copywriting, Identity, Print, Digital
Website www.oxfordagency.com.au

Established in 1950, the Oxford Agency (Oxford) is one of inner Sydney’s oldest and most trusted real estate brands. Oxford is a name synonymous with integrity, excellence and knowledge amongst clients and the real estate fraternity. Delivering exceptional results which increase the value of property portfolios is at the core of its work.

Made’s aim is to continually deliver innovative and intelligent creative to our customers in a personalised and bespoke manner, which is certainly shown in our latest work with Oxford Real Estate. We were engaged to rebrand and completely refresh their complete corporate identity, including stationary, advertising, all print, and their website.

With Oxford, elegance in our design was paramount. Our objective was to evolve their existing and well-established brand with the notion of modernising it and giving it longevity.

We evolved their logo and shield device, giving it fashion forward tonality and created a strip device throughout their new collateral as a supplementary branding element. Additionally, the white typeface backed by a dark royal blue creates a bold impact, which blends well with the sharp style of the layout. All this combined with clean, minimal typography and the original logo; the new face of Oxford Real Estate reflects a blend of modernism and authenticity.

We we recently engaged to design Oxford’s quarterly publication. As we had recently rebranded, we continued their minimal and refined design in our approach to this project. The understated yet sophisticated tone is emphasised in the thematic framing technique we have employed on the cover and throughout.