Branding is undeniable an important part in the success of your business. Therefore it is key that you consider it early in the process. The following points below are 3 ways that you can improve on your brand impact.


  1. Shape A Comprehensive Visual Identity  It’s hard for people to visually symbolise your brand if they don’t have a clear idea what it looks like.  Evaluate your brand manual (if you don’t have one, make this the first thing that you get!) and find the gaps in your brand.  Approved logo and variations, fonts, brand elements, colours, basic messaging and image selection criteria are all important in painting a complete picture for your designer to follow. Once done, ensure you have original ‘vector’ files of your logos and brand elements, plus all of your brand fonts.  Set these files up with an electronic copy of your brand guidebook and you can easily supply your complete visual identity to any supplier or media outlet
  2. Optimise For Proficiency And Excellence When organising and optimising your brand, both time efficiency and improved quality assurance can be created by correctly applying the principles of design. The ground work of this is the systemising of your brand and visual identity.  From this point, a number of standardised design elements and templates for regularly re-used materials can be created.  Done well and right, you will end up with a design toolkit which allows for a great resourcefulness of design within your brand guidelines, without having to rethink the wheel every time you want to create some new visual communication.
  3. Design For Your Ideal Customers With the amount of insight into consumer behaviour available today, and the pressure to constantly ‘market’ to your customer, it might be very easy to forget that design is a massive part of marketing. After putting in a time and effort to make sure your product/service, brand values, and messaging are just perfect for your target market, go the extra mile and make sure that the brand design is just as amazing. You won’t regret it!

  Cover image by  Fabio Comparelli