In the plainest of languages, a brand is a guarantee.

It’s a guarantee of what you offer in your business and also communicates what you do differently from your competitors. A good brand will illustrate both the noticeable guarantee – for example, a prominent cloud based technology – and the intangible guarantee which would possibly include speed, connectivity and design simplicity.

It goes without saying, however that a brand is much more multifaceted, and over time, it takes on a new meaning which also will include the perception of your market. For the purpose of this blog post, we will stay on the basic elements that come together to form a new brand identity in it’s earliest expression.

This visual identity will serve as a the podium on which all expressions of the brand will stand, from printed collateral and website to signage to online advertising or even social media marketing.

The pivotal point of the visual identity is the corporate signature, which normally comprises three core elements: the icon, wordmark and tagline.

We’ve put together a few elements that make up the other layers of this anatomy and that affect the way your business is viewed by your customers:

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The company mission is the soul of the brand.

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The company vision is the brain of your brand, it guides to reach every goal.

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Like the Mission and vision of the company, core values are its corporeal and pitpat heart.

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It is what that makes your brand unique in the market. Hence is known as the DNA of the brand.

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Brand Story

It develops with the years of experiences and connections. It is the personality of the brand.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

It is like a wardrobe, useful for the grooming of your brand. It enhances the brand through visual content, fonts and even the colours.

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It is something that you wear everyday. It is the identifiable mark that tells the customer it’s you.