5 reasons why your business needs a website designer

When it comes to your website; whether you should design it on your own or hire a web designer is a question that is always on the agenda.

Your website is the foundation of your business. It showcases your products, services and your brand.

A web designer is specialised in different kinds of areas such as Typography, Colour Theory, Diagramming, Gestalt, among others to build websites that can convey business communication objectives of the clients and that easily facilitate business transactions.

In 2019, it has never been easier to put together your own website, with many tools now easily available online.

However, here are some points of why you should hire a web designer:

1. Save Time

No matter how big or small your business is, you will always have a lot to think about, to plan, do and make happen. Let’s face it: there’s no one more time poor than a business owner, especially one who is juggling the demands of multiple clients and also trying to get their business to grow.

Creating a website requires time, research, an understanding of your audience and how each website construction tool works. Leaving this in the hands of a web designer will leave you free to solve things that really only you can solve and that matter for the growth of your business.

2. Look professional from the very beginning

With a talented web designer helping you create your website and also with any design updates and marketing collateral you may need, your website will look much more professional from the outset.

Although this may generate a higher cost in the beginning, in the long run it will help in the sales and profit of the company. No one trusts a badly designed website.

3. SEO compliance

Nowadays, it’s just not enough to have a well designed and good looking website, it’s also important to be search engine aka Google optimised. A great website is all about being the right combination of quality content, responsive design and marketing.


This means the site structure, image optimisation, speed optimisation and having a mobile friendly design work together as moving parts of the same entity.

4. Custom design

The worst thing to do for your business is to create a website for the sake of creating one.

A good web designer will always have a process that involves aligning the website to your business, products and services. What are your business aims and objectives? What do you want to generate? How do you want to influence your audience and make a mark?

With a DIY approach, you will end up using a design that has already been created and that probably looks great, but doesn’t really function well as a business tool.

It should be the goal of every web designer to have a great knowledge of both design elements and the key SEO elements that need to be researched and put together before, during and after a website design project.

If you need a new website created for your business, we would love to chat with you!

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The brand logo: What is a logo & Where it comes from

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As we begin a new blog series on all things design, we pay homage to the logo in our first post. Reviewing the foundation of all that is connected to brands and brand identity, the logo represents all that an organisation or a business stands for, and also what it creates and how it serves its audience.

This post will cover the basics. What a logo is, where they come from, who makes them and what they mean.

In the next few posts, we cover the process of designing a logo, and the steps we at Made Agency, follow while creating one for your company. In addition to this, we will also share why logo’s are so essential for a thriving business – especially for one in this digital age.

WWF - Made Agency Logo Design 3M

What is a logo?

Mostly, when asked about what a logo is, people imagine them to be symbols that contain some kind of abstract or pictorial element. For example, Nike’s ‘swoosh’ or WWF’s panda. As you may know, a logo may also contain letters, words numerals and punctuation marks. In fact, a logotype – is just that – the word that we get from the logo.

Logos are also part of what companies commonly refer to as ‘brand identities’. It is usually part of something bigger – an identity package. This can include a new name and a slogan/endline/tagline, the development of a corporate visual system, and a verbal ‘tone of voice’.

In the midst of all this, the logo remains the focal point of any identity system.

The creation of a logo is the largely considered the archetypal graphic designer’s art. It compresses meaning into a few noteworthy marks, it is the distillation of the big and complex into something that is simple and unique. As a communicator in the digital age, it will be hard to find another way to make your mark on the world, with your work.

Where do logos come from?

Logos seem to be as old as the dawn of evolution itself. With branding used to define ownership in the marking of cattle, in Ancient Egypt, and was also used by Greek and Roman craftsmen, which allowed goods to be traded anywhere in the world, and which continues in todays’ modern world, in the form of trademarks.

The packaging of early mass-produced goods in the 19th century was branded with company insignia to aid their distribution from centralized factories and also to differentiate them from locally produced competitor products.

A logo is useful both as an identifier and as a point of difference. Symbols are understood by people of different languages and cultures. As companies grew and diversified across industrial, commercial and national boundaries, the scope of identity programmes also expanded.

If you’re interested in creating a new identity or brand for your company, please contact us at studio@madeagency.com

Advanced Residential

Flyer Design Sydney Melbourne

Advanced Residential

Client: Advanced Residential
Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Advanced Residential are a real estate agency who consider clients to be their most valuable asset. They specialise in creating personalised service which is of the highest standard. With this in mind Made Agency created an identity, symbol and other branding items which is designed to celebrate attention and dedication to success. The purple colour way was chosen to reflect the company’s standing as an elite brand who deliver exceptional service with superior results.

Advanced Residential

Clifford Chance

Branding Services

Clifford Chance

Client: Clifford Chance
Services: Branding, Print, Digital

A continuing client of ours, Clifford Chance, is one of the leading law firms in the world. This global giant hosts 35 offices in 25 countries, priding it self on combining the highest global standards with local expertise. Many of the world’s leading organisations look to Clifford Chance not just for legal expertise but also for advice on business critical issues and marketing opportunities.
Made has designed Clifford Chance’s identity and stationery, and produces all of their social, special direct mail campaigns and events. The simple design reflects the company’s ease and professionalism in dealing with difficult law matters. The branding collateral uses a minimal colour palette to suitably reflect the high-end nature of the industry.

Clifford Chance


Branding Services Sydney


Client: Vertua

Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Identity
Print, Digital

Vertua Limited (“Vertua”) is a residential property development company, based in Sydney, Australia. The business has operated continuously since 2004 undertaking residential development in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Our team at Made, created a sleek and contemporary website, and did a full brand identity for the company.