Jewellers Association of Australia

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) are recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative jewellers in Australia. Made recently designed an elegant new ad campaign which reflects JAA’s dedication to professionalism and ethical standards in the jewellery industry.

The Duke

Made Agency designed the branding and creative strategy for The Duke.

The Duke of Wellington Hotel was known for it’s traditional and historic atmosphere, lending a sense of establishment and familiarity to the new development.

The branding has been designed to evoke a refined, established, yet modern aesthetic that reflects the amalgamation of the old and the new. The creative also has a framing/holding device around the spreads to highlight the imagery and make the images pop.

The marketing collateral continued the branding theme while highlighting the architecture and history of the surrounding area.




The Denturist

Made recently designed the logo and website for The Denturist, a unique dental prosthetics service. Made incorporated The Denturist brand values of comfort, warmth and quality to create a distinctive and timeless design that also reflects the premium nature of the brand. The website continued this theme in that it is concise, direct and easy to use, while communicating the specialised comfort fitting and service the business provides.



Cumberland Property Consulting

Made was recently approached by Cumberland Property Consulting to design a brand identity which reflects the professional, mature, and conservative nature of the property industry. The colours were kept to a minimum, providing a sharp and clean look. To add depth to the business cards, Made designed a pattern based on the logo, which could be used throughout the brand identity.



Walter Carter

Walter Carter

Client: Walter Carter
Services: Branding,Digital, Art Direction

Walter Carter Funerals in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is one of the oldest family owned funeral companies in Australia. Made Agency was engaged to refresh the branded identity on all printed and digital materials.
Made created a clean, modernised website in order to create a better customer experience and foster a greater online presence. The simple, geometric design is reflected across all the company’s business materials.

Walter Carter

Sharon Fiona

Made designed a structured yet elegant logo for contemporary cake designer, Sharon Fiona. A circle divided into quarters, the logo is inspired by a cake cut into four pieces. The ligature of the ‘f’ dotting the ‘i’ represents icing, or piping of a cake. Combined with the colour palette of robin-egg blue and soft copper, the branding expresses the graceful, ornate nature of the delicacies created.

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NSW Department of Education Brochures

Made undertook the redesign of NSW’s Department of Education’s Hurlstone Argicultural High School and Glenfield Educational Precinct brochures, The creative has been executed in a uniform, clean and modernist manner.





Betina King

Made recently did a redesign for Betina King Property. The focus was on creating a dynamic website and identity that would reflect the unique and luxurious feel of the properties on offer.

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