5 reasons why your business needs a website designer

 professional website development

When it comes to your website; whether you should design it on your own or hire a web designer is a question that is always on the agenda.

Your website is the foundation of your business. It showcases your products, services and your brand.

A web designer is specialised in different kinds of areas such as Typography, Colour Theory, Diagramming, Gestalt, among others to build websites that can convey business communication objectives of the clients and that easily facilitate business transactions.

In 2019, it has never been easier to put together your own website, with many tools now easily available online.

However, here are some points of why you should hire a web designer:

1. Save Time

No matter how big or small your business is, you will always have a lot to think about, to plan, do and make happen. Let’s face it: there’s no one more time poor than a business owner, especially one who is juggling the demands of multiple clients and also trying to get their business to grow.

Creating a website requires time, research, an understanding of your audience and how each website construction tool works. Leaving this in the hands of a web designer will leave you free to solve things that really only you can solve and that matter for the growth of your business.

2. Look professional from the very beginning

With a talented web designer helping you create your website and also with any design updates and marketing collateral you may need, your website will look much more professional from the outset.

Although this may generate a higher cost in the beginning, in the long run it will help in the sales and profit of the company. No one trusts a badly designed website.

3. SEO compliance

Nowadays, it’s just not enough to have a well designed and good looking website, it’s also important to be search engine aka Google optimised. A great website is all about being the right combination of quality content, responsive design and marketing.

This means the site structure, image optimisation, speed optimisation and having a mobile friendly design work together as moving parts of the same entity.

4. Custom design

The worst thing to do for your business is to create a website for the sake of creating one.

A good web designer will always have a process that involves aligning the website to your business, products and services. What are your business aims and objectives? What do you want to generate? How do you want to influence your audience and make a mark?

With a DIY approach, you will end up using a design that has already been created and that probably looks great, but doesn’t really function well as a business tool.

It should be the goal of every web designer to have a great knowledge of both design elements and the key SEO elements that need to be researched and put together before, during and after a website design project.

If you need a new website created for your business, we would love to chat with you!

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3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for the Intro page of your website

The intro page of a website can be a very helpful communication tool. It presents a business’s fundamental values in an engaging way.  While influences people into new worlds. Also builds up an optimistic image in a couple of seconds. It gives a warm welcome and motivates the user and potential customer to stay. Either turns up your message into people’s minds.

It makes visitors enter your website and leave with a smile on their faces.

Like a good movie trailer, it makes people curious and begging for more.

3 Do’s and 3 Don’t’s when creating this web presentation for clients:

3 Do’s :

  1. Educate and Entertain the viewer
  2. Respect bandwidth
  3. Provide a ‘Skip Intro’ button

3 Donts :  

  1. Be boring – try and tickle their interest in whatever it is you’re talking about
  2. Be ugly – be creative and make your intro visually pleasing
  3. Provide useless and irrelevant information

Mr. Juicy

graphic design services sydney

Founded in 1985, Mr. Juicy is one of the oldest juice manufacturing companies in Vanuatu. For the re-launch, we rebranded Mr. Juicy, to give it a modern refresh. Introducing Mr. Juicy Kids with Apple, Pineapple and Orange as their signature flavours.

graphic design company sydney

graphic design company

graphic design company sydney

graphic design services sydney

Bondi Boardrider’s

australia design agency

Made created the promotional poster for Bondi Boardrider’s 2017 Single Fin Classic, which we are also a sponsor. The artwork features a digital illustration of David Davidson, whilst the design reflects elements used in retro promotional surfing posters.

design studio sydney australia

australia design agency

Design Studio Sydney

Australia Design Agency

Made Agency

Locums Group

Web Designer sydney

Made created a new web and brand identity for the innovative accounting and financial services practice; Locums Group. Using clean and concise design to reflect the ease and efficiency in which they provide when managing your financial affairs.

Web Designer sydney

Web Designer sydney

Web Designing Agency Australia

Web Designing Agency


Brand Design Agency

Made created the branding and website for The Empress, a brand-new boutique residence in Sydney’s up and coming suburb, Burwood. With its simplicity, the branding stands out with its bold colour way and geometric design.


Agency Sydney

Brand Design Agency


Branding Agency Sydney

Agency Sydney

Corkscrew Cellars

website Designing

Corkscrew Cellars’ boutique stores are all locally owned and operated. Behind their extensive selection of Australian, New Zealand and international wines, beers and spirits, are real people who live and breathe the industry. Made recently created a new website and identity to showcase this experienced and knowledgeable brand.

website Designing agency

Website Desiging Agency

Web Design Company in sydney

 Web Design


logo design in Sydney

Made recently created the branding for products made locally by the community in Vanuatu.The brand, Aelan (means island in Bislama), supports local, small scale producers of handicrafts, food products, and the community of Vanuatu. Made wanted to reflect the simplicity of the products and the lifestyle of the locals, as well as the colour and imagery of the Island living.

logo design in Sydney

Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design by Made

Corporate Logo Design