With the graphic designer you will be able to create a recognised brand in the market. With it you will awaken the interest of people who could be future consumers. In addition to creating an identity for your brand; in the midst of massive competition, such graphic design will differentiate you
from competitors.
Here are some ways graphic design will affect your brand and / or product:

1) Visual identity 

Having a visual identity is all about maintaining a constancy of colours and fonts, so that they are always associated with the company. Subconsciously, customers will remember your brand when they see related things. Eventually, one can create a bond and recognition with the client with a good visual identity, because from their point of view, a strong identity generates a sense of belonging and reliability.

2) Differentiation of competitors 

With an extremely competitive market and many brands selling products similar to yours, differentiate yourself and an important point to attract new consumers and continue with the old ones. A thoughtful design will make you stand out in the middle of competition.

3) First impressions are what matter 

Before a customer can consume your brand, he must be attracted to it. With a good graphic design, the first impression will always be good and will boost the customer to the consumed of your brand and / or product.

4) Brand value 

With a consistent visual identity, you will have a brand value. This goes far beyond profit (though that is the consequence). It’s because of a value brand with a good visual identity, people pay $ 50 in a white shirt with a known logo and $ 15 for a totally white shirt. With a good design, your brand has begun to have value, not only your product.

5) Clarity in communication 

Well done design can bring greater ease in communication. Culturally, we associate some colours and shapes with certain products and experiences. Focusing on the consumer and how he reacts to certain sensory interactions makes it possible for us to have a clearer communication with them and thus easier for them to consume the brand.
In this way, having a visual identity, differentiating yourself from your competitors, creating great first impressions, increasing your brand value and having clarity all round in your communication are the top reasons why you need a graphic designer asap!

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