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Integrating a range of content in website design can be what makes a good website great.  It can make it more entertaining for users and showcase the brand in a more comprehensive way. By using Brand Content Strategy – a range of text, images and videos, your website can meet user needs more efficiently and help them better understand content.  

In this post we look at what Brand Content Strategy to do and what to avoid when using a range of content in web design.


1. Give an appropriate mix

The most important thing when integrating content is knowing your customer.  Do they prefer to read text, or watch videos?  Do photos attract their attention more, or would animations help?  Knowing what your typical user likes is the place to start in working out what content to include. 

2. Provide different paths to content

It is essential to allow users to access the content at their free will.  This will allow them to seek out the content that appeals to them most.  On our home page, we offer users a showreel video, as well as links to different projects we have worked on.  This allows our users to watch the video, or look through portfolios depending on what they’re looking for.

3. Look at the overall design 

When integrating content, it is important to make sure that it works as a whole.  Make sure that design wise it is appealing, but contains enough information to effectively convey your message to users and potential customers.  Look at how the content fits into the website design in order to make sure it fits together well. 


1. Make the interface too complex

For the content to have an integrated feel, it is important that the interface is not too complex.  Keep it simple so that content flows and works with the overall design of the website.  Cluttered content can be overwhelming for users.

2. Have one-way access to information 

Make sure that users aren’t forced to look at all content available.  As we said earlier, make sure that there are different paths to access content so that users can look at their leisure.  If users aren’t given options for content, they may get frustrated with the website and move somewhere else.

3. Include content for the sake of it

If content doesn’t match, or the video restates what the text says, don’t include it.  Don’t overload the user with too much content as it can take away from the message.  Keep it simple and make sure it flows. 

Check out how we’ve integrated content for some of our clients in our portfolio.  

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