We help connect brands
with customers through
intelligent design & strategy.


Made Agency specialises in branding, design and marketing communications. Independent in both thought and size, we believe by working together great results can be achieved. We are a full service design & branding agency with a team of award-winning designers and dedicated account management. Whether you are a start-up or a long running, iconic brand, we want to show you the Made Agency difference: Branding excellence with authentic, personal service.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements for graphic design, branding, strategy, digital, print, production, content creation, photography, visuals and media. Working together we can increase your brand’s awareness, conversions and grow your customer base and business – locally and globally. Welcome to Made Agency.


Shaping a vision, delivering brand & creating world-class experiences

Results driven, we work closely with our clients to deliver strategic solutions that drive engagement. Specialising in luxury branding, property marketing and retail communications, we have developed multi-platform campaigns for leading Australian and international brands, including Alex Perry, Belle Property, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, CBRE, Colliers, NG Farah, FKP, Port Authority of New South Wales, Novati, Percy Marks and KPMG.

Research & Strategy

This is the starting point and backbone of every project. During this phase we delve into your business to understand the brand challenges within the context of your industry.

Visualising & Exploration

Concepts are now laid out visually and readied for presentation. The conceptual stage is a collaborative process during which we both have the opportunity to discuss ideas and thinking.

Design & Crafting

After careful consideration and touch-points gained from research and strategy, our team begins meticulously crafting the overarching identity for your brand.

Refining & Development

The devil is in the detail. We meticulously craft, finesse and fine-tune every single detail on every single project. No stone is left unturned throughout the refining and development stage.

Application & Rollout

Seeing a project come to life is why we do what we do and the rollout of a project is an exciting stage in the brand creation process. We always aim to make a brand greater than the sum of its parts.

Nurturing & Growth

Great brands successfully walk the line between evolution and consistency. An effective identity doesn’t stop at it’s application and we pride ourselves on crafting brands that continue to grow and evolve.


Love we’ve earned along the way.

Our web & graphic design awards include Twentieth National Print Awards (Gold), Twenty-First National Print Awards (Gold), Australasian Catalogue Awards 2018, 2017 and 2016 (Finalist & Highly Commended), Mohawk Awards of Excellence, Lurzer’s Archive Best 200 Packaging Designers Nomination, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Asia Pacific Design Awards for Corporate Identity, Direct Mail, Print, Packaging.

AGDA Design Awards – Finalist
Wyer & Co – 2019

Australian Catalogue Awards
Belle Property – 2017

Australian Catalogue Awards
Belle Property – 2016

Australian Catalogue Awards
Belle Property – 2013

Highly Commended & Finalist
Tuross Beach, Logo Design – 2019

Highly Commended & Finalist
Amichi, 04exercise – 2009

Highly Commended & Finalist
Mandolong, Post-Advertising – 2009

21st National Print Awards (Gold)
Belle Property – 2004

21st National Print Awards (Gold)
Belle Property – 2003