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Your website is the face of your brand on the internet. It provides a touch point for customers to gain information about the brand and see what your business is about. A good website should be interactive, aesthetic and easy to understand. You can read about what makes interactive and interesting Web Design Agency Sydney here.

Having a good website is essential to reach and appeal to customers effectively, which is why it is important to hire a professional. We go through six reasons why you should hire a web developer rather than doing it yourself.

1. Save time

Attempting to DIY your website can be stressful and time consuming, with the end result often poorer quality. Enlisting the help of a professional can save the stress and let you focus on running your business – rather than learning code!

2. Search engine optimisation

Ensuring that your website is optimised to search engines is important in getting noticed. Web developers can make sure your website is coded in a way that helps your website rank better on search engines. This means that potential customers will see your website before competitors.

3. Device compatible

Websites should be compatible with all devices, including mobile, tablet and computer. Developers can make sure that your website works and looks great on all devices, which will help your brand reach more people and maintain credibility.

4. Custom designs

Using ‘cookie-cutter’ website templates available when designing your own website can look cheap and ineffective. Using a web developer allows you to customise the website to how you want it to look and can better match your branding and stand out from competitors.

5. User friendly

Having designed numerous websites, web developers have experience in making sure that websites are user-friendly. It is important to keep it simple and easy to use, to make sure users have a good website experience. Developers can design your website keeping in mind the user experience and website aesthetic, which will ensure your website looks good and is usable.

6. Greater credibility

A professionally designed website not only stands out from competitors, but adds credibility to your business. Web developers can ensure that the design aligns with your branding, integrates content well and is interactive for users. A website that looks professional will reflect on your brand and will add to your credibility as a business.

Using a professional web developer can add so much to your brand. Check out some of our web designs in our portfolio, or a few of websites we’ve designed in action here, here and here.

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