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Existing in a place between luxury fashion and the best of streetwear design, 99 By Mandy fuses sophistication and casual to form bold statement pieces. For this project, the team drew inspiration from 99 By Mandy’s place in the fashion industry; one foot in luxury fashion and the other in streetwear. The result was a hyper-stylish, modern and fearless aesthetic that complimented 99 By Mandy’s daring designs and creative perspective. 

Born in 1999 in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, Mandy Guberina centres her creations around high-end design that gives the power to embrace your unique expression, with a deep appreciation for the artisan and all artistic crafts around fashion design. She draws inspiration of an immense love of art, architecture, music, photography and travel. Her designs are infused with strong tailoring, innate passion for colour and opulent sensuality.

The story of 99 By Mandy is one that’s primed for success. In 2017, Mandy was offered and accepted a valued position to study at the internationally celebrated Fashion Design Studio (FDS) at Sydney TAFE, the first dedicated fashion design school in Sydney, shaping Australian fashion since 1955. Following in the footsteps of inspirations such as Akira Isogawa, Alex Perry, Nicky Zimmerman, Bianca Spender, Genevieve Smart, Dion Lee and Christopher Esber.

Mandy received constant distinctions and high distinctions and has also had the privilege of enhancing her learning experience within internships at Camilla and Marc, Carla Zampatti, KITX and briefly with Shona Joy before lockdown. Mandy has enjoyed hands on experience in fashion retail, working with Sass & Bide for many years.

The 99 Collection 20 is fuelled by nostalgia for film, cinema and photography. Drawn on the golden roots of Hollywood and the escapist power of cinema. Mused on 70’s sexy and polaroid instantaneity and showcasing a comparatively innocent time. With multiple vectors, however, there is one constant: a collective sense of longing to go back to a place that feels desirable, spontaneous and generous. A daring act, bold and energetic, where every day is in pursuit of adventure. After the year we’ve all experienced, that sounds like something we can get on board with.

After discussions and meetings with the client, it was clear that Made Agency needed to explore an identity that elevated it’s material and didn’t overshadow it, exhibiting the designs of 99 By Mandy with a brand that combined luxury fashion and streetwear. What is a better way than utilising the timeless and stylish Helvetica with balanced compositions, negative space and attention-seizing imagery? A purist’s palette of charcoal, grey and white was added to emphasise the appeal of high-end fashion and gutsy streetwear. 

For the wordpress web design, special consideration was taken on the subtle micro animations and transitions, to add a slight sense of movement and dynamism to the content. Again, an effort was made to support, not outshine, the content of the site, making sure the focus was entirely on the vivid and bold designs of 99 By Mandy. 

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