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By the internet’s very nature it may not be a surprise that a user will usually stay on a website for less than 20 seconds. For this reason you need to make sure that your blog can make a quick impact, and a good place to start is with blog layout. WordPress SEO agency ensures that a good blog layout will also help with your search engine optimization.

Considering you have a very limited time to make an impression, you’re going to want to keep it simple. Simplicity allows you to display the focus of your blog. For example, If you have too many headers or a sidebar loaded with links, you run the risk of cluttering your webpage and confusing the user. The focus of your blog is ultimately the content you are writing about, so in order to increase your reader conversions, you need to let the user read. Symmetry and order keep your site goal oriented and help your audience find what they are after with better success. WordPress SEO agency can help by adding all the above things very naturally and ease reading to users & Google Algorithms.

It is not surprising to find out that many web developers looking to stand out and increase traffic to their sites attempt to do so through unique and different web layouts. Whilst this might work for some, it can be risky as there’s a chance of losing readers getting lost or confused with an unfamiliar display of content.

An example of a more typical yet successful layout is one that follows the ‘F’ design. This layout is preferred by many as it follows the normal pattern of eyesight and is easy to consume. You won’t lose any points from search engines for sticking to a safe site layout, and in fact it might do you some favours.

Streamlining your website layout is another productive way of making your content easier to consume as well as more visually pleasing. Using an appropriate combination of white/negative space and positive space not only conveys the focus of your website better but it also improves user experience by being easier on the eye. Apple is a company that exemplifies how this space can be used effectively.

Part of the visual uncluttering of your blog that can be done by a lot of blogs is to get rid of ads. Up until a certain point of success with your blog, ads might not be doing you any favours. In fact, in the early stages of your blogging career, they may be doing you a disservice. Unless you are already generating a decent amount of traffic to your blog, you most likely are not making enough from ad revenue to warrant the unattractiveness they bring with them. Getting rid of these eye-sores will not only clean up the look of your blog, but also retain the focus of your site on your written content.

Another recommend element of your blog layout that will both improve usability and search engine optimization is a ‘Search Bar’. Whilst this might seem simple, it is an effective tool that will allow your visitors to find what they are looking for easily and in turn keep them on your page. If they don’t find what they are looking for this feature can still prove beneficial as you’ll be able to study any search queries and target keywords for your search engine optimization. Through this, you’ll be better informed for what keywords you can add to your future blog posts and hopefully increase your reader conversions.

The best website layouts out there are ones that put an emphasis on the user experience. Whilst the basic aesthetic of your website is important for establishing a positive first impression, the layout is paramount in ensuring content consumption and in turn reader conversions.

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