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Knowing when to redesign your website is an important aspect of staying relevant in an environment where style and technology are rapidly evolving. This post will help inform you of the telltale signs that suggest it’s time for a website revamp.

If you are reading this post, it probably means that you’re considering a change already. And if you are considering, you more than likely do need to redesign your website.

1. Speed:

A simple but significant element of your website’s functionality is its speed.

This can be the deciding factor between whether a reader stays on or abandons your webpage. There are online services that allow you to test the speed of your website.

Obviously the quicker the better, but if your website is starting to get beyond the 3-second mark it’s probably time to update your site.

Alternatively, there are plugins such as W3 Total Cache you can use for your website that effectively increase overall performance and load times. They do this by caching data on the pages of your website, storing it in server for faster loading in the future.

2. Links:

Aside from speed, another basic factor relating to the functionality of your website is the links. Sometimes there are so many links on your website it’s hard to keep track of them. Despite this, it is integral to the reputation of your website to ensure that all the links on your website are working and are directing to the desired location. This means removing links to pages that no longer exist or filling in any gaps that may be present in your sitemap.

3. Responsive Design

Another important component of your web design to consider is your mobile presence if any. In this day and age, with mobile searches representing the majority of searches on the internet, it is essential to give consumers the opportunity to visit your website via a mobile device.

This is definitely an imperative step in making your website up to date and keeping users happy, although it may not call for a total site renovation. If your website was designed through WordPress, you’re in luck. WordPress provides website owners with plugins that seamlessly convert your existing website to one that is mobile friendly. Moreover, you are able to customise it your way and keep up with the times in the process.

The main objective of any website is to facilitate reader or customer conversions. The first impression a user makes when they reach your homepage is critical. It takes less than a second to form a first opinion on a website, so you need to make a quick impact. The first thing you’re going to want to concentrate on when redesigning your website is the sheer aesthetics of that homepage. Think about the layout, images, negative space, colour palette.

The visual elements are the most important things in those first few seconds, focus on the content when you’ve designed a website attractive enough to keep people around and consume it.

The various trends in website design, UX and digital marketing constantly are changing and shifting from year to year. It’s important that every 3-4 years, a review is made for your brand to be current.

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How to Get Through a Creative Block: Five Tips to Overcome Artistic Struggles















The feeling of an impending deadline can be overwhelming and daunting.
When there are projects piling up and clients waiting, there is no time to waste, even when you don’t know where to start.

Our staff share their top five tips on what to do when facing a creative block.

1. Go for a walk.

A walk is a great way to stimulate your mind. Get some fresh air and stop thinking about the creative challenges that lie ahead of you.
Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to step away from it for a bit and then come back to it with a clear mind.

2. Talk with likeminded creatives.

Discussing ideas with colleagues or friends can be the perfect way to overcome a creative block.
The Made Agency team always share their projects with each other to get feedback for areas to improve.
By talking with others, you can gain new perspectives or find new ways to approach a brief.

3. Seek inspiration.

Creating mood boards, scrolling through Pinterest, or looking at portfolios of work can give you an idea of where to start and help you make headway.

4. Go back to basics.

Sometimes going back to the very basics of design principles can help you find an idea and get you moving in the right direction.

5. Write a list.

Jotting down your ideas or making notes from the creative brief you have been given can be a useful way to give you a better sense of direction.
Having a list of what you need to include in the task can also be a great way to ensure you are fulfilling all the requirements.

Are you suffering from a creative block and need help with your graphic design needs?
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4 Questions To Ask Before Rebranding Your Business

Branding is so important because not only does it make a memorable impression on your customers, but it also allows your clients to know what to expect from your company. Therefore having a strong brand image is essential and one that is created by aligning with your company values and customer aspirations. The following four questions below will help you get started.


Question 1 .     WHO ARE MY CUSTOMERS?

First question to ask is, Who are your clients and who do you want your clients to be? Are your ideal clients already finding you or are you not quite reaching your clients?

It’s not always possible to serve everyone. Refining your focus and identifying the sorts of clients that you want to speak to is key. From here, you can identify what is missing and be able to provide value more specific to your customers’ needs.


Question 2.     WHAT VALUE DO I PROVIDE?

After identifying your target audience and customers, you can now ask the question, what value do I provide? Or to put in other words, how can I better serve the needs of my clients? These answers will help open up what you can improve about your business.



This question relates to your services, products and customer service. Identifying the how is important by evaluating your current methods and what you can build upon. Every element of your business adds to your reputation which enhances your brand.



What advantage do you have over your competitors? What do you do different from your competitors? Why should a potential client choose you?

Knowing what it is that sets you apart provides you with an edge that is also very useful when it comes to rebranding your business.


The above questions are simple and short but when honestly answered can help you with communicating your brand to designers and enable them to create or recreate a brand image that is best tailored to you.

Waterloo Design Centre

Waterloo Design Centre

Client: Waterloo Design Centre
Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Made Agency was approached to manage the rebranding of what was PYD Design Centre in Waterloo. This included name, brand identity, environmental signage as well as a new website and associated digital strategy. Rebranded as Waterloo Design Centre, it is home to the ultimate in interior design products from Australia’s leading names. The new identity and brand elements were created in order to enhance and reflect the centre’s position as an exclusive destination in Sydney’s fashionable Waterloo.




Client: Synergy
Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Packaging, Identity, Print, Digital

Made was approached to create the complete marketing and sales for Multi:Water Synergy. This included packaging design, logo, copywriting and art direction.


Boss in Heels

branding design agency sydney

Boss In Heels

Client: Boss in Heels
Services: Branding, Graphic Design

Made was approached by Boss in Heels a new blog site promoting women in business to create a distinctive brand identity. Inspired by the classic womens high heel, Made’s design team created a mark based on a silhouette. Combining simple typography and clean lines the logo is both stylish and feminine.

Boss in Heels

Jewellers Association of Australia

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) are recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative jewellers in Australia. Made recently designed an elegant new ad campaign which reflects JAA’s dedication to professionalism and ethical standards in the jewellery industry.

The Duke

Made Agency designed the branding and creative strategy for The Duke.

The Duke of Wellington Hotel was known for it’s traditional and historic atmosphere, lending a sense of establishment and familiarity to the new development.

The branding has been designed to evoke a refined, established, yet modern aesthetic that reflects the amalgamation of the old and the new. The creative also has a framing/holding device around the spreads to highlight the imagery and make the images pop.

The marketing collateral continued the branding theme while highlighting the architecture and history of the surrounding area.




The Denturist

Made recently designed the logo and website for The Denturist, a unique dental prosthetics service. Made incorporated The Denturist brand values of comfort, warmth and quality to create a distinctive and timeless design that also reflects the premium nature of the brand. The website continued this theme in that it is concise, direct and easy to use, while communicating the specialised comfort fitting and service the business provides.



Cumberland Property Consulting

Made was recently approached by Cumberland Property Consulting to design a brand identity which reflects the professional, mature, and conservative nature of the property industry. The colours were kept to a minimum, providing a sharp and clean look. To add depth to the business cards, Made designed a pattern based on the logo, which could be used throughout the brand identity.