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We are proud to announce that Made Agency has been awarded a Good Design Award for Communication Design for Australian owned company IQU. To have our work recognised for this leaves us feeling humbled.

The Australian Good Design Awards continues a long and proud legacy of showcasing the very best in design and innovation to a global audience. The Awards are one of the longest-running international design awards, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.

We are immensely proud to have won such a prestigious award and are particularly proud our involvement is with an Australian consumer technology company, aspiring to make a difference in the Australian Telco industry.

IQU is an Australian consumer technology company focussed on everyday Australian’s needs for the latest quality technology devices. Established by ex-Bluechip Telco Executives who saw the opportunity to keep Australian communication industry profits on Aussie shores, IQU needed a world-class, sophisticated brand to sit at the table of global competitors.

The brand design needed to capture the hearts and minds of the target audiences; from tech-savvy teens, to young Corporates, to metro and regional Boomers. Taking their needs into account, the design needed to communicate best in tech, style and form, and affordable value.

Communicating 100 per cent security in a reassuring way, the brand design then set about sharing the bold, positive disruption IQU brings to the Australian Telco industry. To bring this to life, a signature font was developed to capture the unique consumer offering of IQU’s brand and products.

The quality of the design strongly represents IQU’s value proposition and delivers a sophisticated tech feel demanded by today’s consumers.

At Made, we understand the importance of providing bespoke solutions that can adapt to clients’ needs and create new opportunities. Made drew upon IQU’s qualities as an important source of inspiration that would help form the graphic identity, in a sense they acted as the brand pillars. The logo system Made designed contains a primary wordmark to be used across all print and digital applications, as well as a supporting acronym. The logo system acts as an anchor for all aspects of the identity and should be used and applied appropriately in line with these brand guidelines.

Check out our award winning project here;