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Search engine optimisation is something any web developer or website owner should be aware of. It is an underpinning component of a website’s design and structure. Through effective SEO a website can improve its traffic, organic search results and overall website ranking. Here we will share how SEO for real estate agents will help in boosting the rank results.

There are many tools that can help with this, like Yoast SEO for example. This plugin helps you research your audience, determining the highest quality keywords and monitoring search engine behavior. Having a greater understanding of your audience’s search patterns gives you an edge over those who don’t, allowing you to create a more engaging and optimized website. For real estate websites, SEO can also be localised to your agency’s area of focus. In doing this, you’ll be better equipped to outrank competitors in relevant search queries. This way the Yoast SEO is the best tool for SEO for real estate agents,

As far as search engine optimisation plugins go, Yoast is at the forefront of SEO technologies. Compared to other plugins on the market, which typically offer simple features like meta-tag additions, Yoast goes above and beyond in offering web developers the opportunity to boost their website rankings via effective SEO. Targeting keywords is one of the most important things you can do for your website to improve traffic and Yoast does this effectively. Moreover, with Yoast, you will be able to optimize and keep track of these words in key places on your site.

One of the first and most important things you can do for your website is to target your keywords. Yoast has a keyword suggestion tool that will assist you in doing this. This tool provides suggestions for popular keywords as well as suggestions beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Simply enter a keyword of your choosing and Yoast will expand on this and dispense alternative keywords relevant to that word or phrase. The next step, once you’ve found optimal keywords is to add them to your website. Ideally, you add these words to places like title tags, URL structure, headers, meta descriptions, and Alt Text.

As previously mentioned, real estate agencies can improve their SEO implementation by using local keywords. Because your target audience is going to be relative to location, you can afford to be more specific. More specific keywords are also known as long-tail keywords.

Although these words will not be searched for as frequently as your main keywords they are still valuable to your website. In order to improve your search result rankings within the nearby area, you should opt for such geo-targeted keywords that make use of local terms.

There are some ways you can manipulate SEO so that you can keep links that are doing well high up on the search results. Let’s say you’ve effectively implemented SEO within your website and added target keywords to the descriptions of your listings. If a listing has found itself towards the front end of the search result pages and then sells, your first thought might be to delete it from your website.

An alternative, that will prevent you from wasting this link, is to simply leave it up. Make it known to buyers who click on the link that the property in question is in fact sold, but list properties with similarities or within close proximity on the page. This way you’ll be able to redirect any traffic from this page back to other pages of your website. You’ll probably be able to keep this up for a couple of months and reap in the benefits.

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