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Established in 2013, Jeckra is a specialist in the childcare sector that focuses on developing childcare centres and refurbishing existing centres. They provide project management, development management, construction management, and design services to deliver engaging, respectful, and beautiful environments for children. Their core brand pillar is to develop a space that harbours natural innovative learning whilst also reconnecting children with their natural environment. These core elements needed to be highlighted within their identity across their website. 

Jeckra design and develop childcare centres that support lifelong learning and provide the most sustainable developments for operators that maximise their returns through a holistic environmental and economical approach. As a brand, they continue to actively seek to refurbish existing centres to improve the overall general appearance. There is no singular competitor who operates within the childcare space that truly challenges Jeckra across all aspects of management, development, construction, and design, so developing a website that reflected their uniqueness as industry leaders were the key. 

“We have a hard-earned reputation for concise, in-depth, and comprehensive project management from start to finish. We offer the full site and scope of project services, from initial conceptual design and development, through to committed construction management and project completion. Our goal, for every project, is creating the highest standard of sustainable childcare development possible.”

Not only is Jeckra ahead of the game due to their innovative and forward-thinking developments, but they also actively dedicate their expertise to reversing their carbon footprint within the construction industry without sacrificing their commitment to creating enriching, healthy environments. This is done through using green energy, utilising local trades, recycling building materials, and much, much more. Their dedication to the environment around us was another key feature that needed to be apparent within their website.

Jeckra briefed Made Agency to design and develop an engaging yet clean website that communicates why they are the very best in the business. The website had to showcase their 8-years of experience, expertise and present an approachable, human-centred company that truly makes a difference. The team at Made was keen to get across a sense of playfulness and approachability in the micro animations and website transitions, making sure their movements were both dynamic yet subtle. 

A user can effortlessly flow throughout the entire site, where creativity and user-centred design become the hero components of the build, creating ultimate simplicity. Another key aspect of the website development was creating the perfect portfolio experience to showcase the imagery from each project. The spaces are the core elements and speak for themselves in highlighting why Jeckra are industry leaders and continue to be ahead of the game.

“We must all strive for built outcomes that benefit people, profit and the place they inhabit.” – Gavin Jennings, Managing Director

Our work for Jeckra is currently listed as an Honourable Mention on, a professional online web design and development hub that recognises and promotes innovative web development from around the world.

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