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Redesigning Logo

Made Agency has been featured in Shaoqiang’s ‘Redesigning Logos’, a highly-regarded compilation featuring some of the best examples of a redesigned logo. We are honoured to have our designs recognised for their innovation and creativity.

The book contains almost 400 redesigned logos, revealing how logos are created and evolved. Among them, 11 of our own designs were featured, this is a proud achievement which we are humbled by. The logos chosen: Minetek, Fiducia, AV1, CDA Architects, Aelan Chocolate, Miro, PT&W, Corkscrew Cellars, B&M Building group, Mainbrace and The Skin Hospital. 

Each one of our designs is meticulously crafted with touchpoints gained from research, this is an important step in the overarching design process for a brand. We believe that great brands successfully merge evolution and consistency as part of one identity.  

A logo is considered to be a visual symbol that is a representation of a brand’s identity. It must be memorable, differentiate your brand from others and strengthen brand loyalty. It is an important part of a designer’s repertoire to not only be able to create a logo, but to redesign logo’s that may look outdated, or reflect changes across different environments. In the process of redesigning logo, we believe it is important to maintain some of the original elements that makes up the existing brand. Here at Made, we have numerous strategies in place that maintain the equity a brand already has whilst creating a fresh look to adapt to their current needs. We consider a number of variables before changes are made to a logo; we know that a logo must react, attract interest and evolve to stand the test of time in a changing world.  

Redesigning a new logo can be challenging, but at Made we are always motivated to bring your vison to life. We owe this fantastic achievement to our team of creatives who work hard to produce innovative, cutting edge designs that consistently meet client needs in an evolving, competitive environment.

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Redesigning Logo