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In its sixteenth year of publishing, Made Agency was invited by Asia Pacific Design (APD) to submit for the 2020 APD No.16 publication following the year’s theme of “Diversified Integration of Design” published by Sandu Publishing.

 “APD NO.16 explores how the development of the times, technological innovation, and cultural integration can expand the depth and breadth of design and make it more diversified… and once again unites well-known designers from all over the Asia-Pacific region to create this classic compilation, in honor of the latest and excellent designs that have influenced the design industry in the Asia-Pacific region.” – Editorial Notes, APD No.16

Being one of the design industry’s most prestigious, professional publications, Made Agency submitted work for Vanuatu Made, an award-winning branding and website project.

Made was approached by the Vanuatu Government to build a brand that celebrated the nation’s commitment to craftsmanship and the strength of their organic agriculture. We created a bold marque that allowed producers and makers to show the world that their products were proudly ‘Vanuatu Made’. 

The project involved the creation of a not-for-profit entity that supports Vanuatu businesses but also acts as the official stamp applied to products worldwide. This mark would represent the certification trademark and can only be used on qualifying Vanuatu Made products registered with the Department of Industry. Inspired by the tropical Islands, this mark is a representation of Vanuatu’s proud heritage, authenticity, and vibrancy.

“The purpose of the official Vanuatu Made brand is to increase the sales of locally made products and to highlight such authentic items to purchasers. With this brand, we aim to show the distinction between real Vanuatu Made products and fake souvenirs, which are made overseas.” – Vanuatu Made

The logo mark itself was inspired by traditional Sandroing art unique to Vanuatu. This maze-like technique is created using two fingers to create an uninterrupted, continuous line within the sand. Traditionally used for storytelling, this technique aided the ideation in developing the Made in Vanuatu Logo Mark which combined form a bold, unique mark of quality assurance.

In support of the brand, we designed and developed an informative website that would further encourage people around the world to buy Vanuatu certified products to support the local economy, communities, and future generations of Vanuatu.

To view, the full project click here.

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Publishing Design Agency Sydney
Publishing Design Agency Sydney