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Legal Home Loans operates inside a niche marketplace, offering premium brokering services to legal professionals across Australia, with tailored loans to suit any type of legal professional. As well as providing high-end, professional services, they place great value on honesty, integrity and attentive support in all their work. This is the message they wish to communicate to all current and potential clients.

The audience which seeks their services are often highly, educated, competitive and affluent clients who take pride in their career status and in society at large. It was important that a reflection of the already established prestige was present when creating the new visual identity. Legal Home Loans expressed that they wished to retain some of their previous brand elements for recognisability, but required a new, bespoke logo that would be distinct and resonate with their clients.  

The new brand identity was required to assist in key objectives; amplify brand awareness, drive consideration and brand engagement, and increase conversion via demand marketing of compelling emotional offers.

Understanding the tone of voice Legal Home Loans wished to project to their clients was essential for creating a complete and precise identity that would meet their objectives. The tone of voice weaved into creating the design elements was based on the premium, proactive and knowledgeable services provided by the client. These brand pillars were an important inspiration when creating the new logo and variations.

We designed a logo that included two ‘L’ letters in opposition, this clearly alludes to an H shape with the diamond mark acting as the crossbar. The diamond brand mark between the two stems emphasises Legal Home Loan’s premium, high quality service. This logo appears in a number of variations across different mediums. This includes social media, business cards, email signatures and all essential brand assets.

The primary font chosen was ‘TT Ramillas’. This is a considered, high-contrast traditional serif which is perfectly suited to modern realities and requirements. The features are high contrast, small flared serifs, variable slope of ovals, open aperture of signs contrasting thin modules and no drops. It is the perfect choice for a sophisticated headline font.

Furthermore, the secondary font we chose was ‘TT commons’. This is a universal sans serif with a minimal contrast of strokes, a closed aperture and geometric shapes of characters. The design of the typeface was developed for a flexible range of tasks with which any quality corporate font is required to be used.

The colour scheme we proposed included a range of muted to bright colours such as green, navy, white and pale blue. These colours were chosen to represent the sophisticated, minimalist approach we took in creating the key design elements.

We also successfully created the branding and web design for real estate and service industry as well as the WordPress web design and seo agency.

In collaboration with Legal Home Loans, Made Agency was able to create a refined, considered identity fusing traditional and contemporary aesthetic. In order to accurately reflect the industry and people they serve, Made considered what would truly make Legal Home Loans stand out by playing off their already existing core values and pillars. The result of our collaboration was a successful, cohesive identity that celebrates Legal Home Loan’s exclusive and unique position in the marketplace.

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