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Waverley College is a prestigious independent boy’s school, situated in the exclusive eastern suburbs area of Sydney. Founded in 1903 by Brother Quinn of the Franciscan Fathers, the school’s strong sense of faith, service, and community has continued to define and shape a student culture unique to Sydney’s education offerings. Waverley College has a diverse student body with different backgrounds, interests, and beliefs. Each of these student’s needs are met with a holistic education that appeals to their emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development.

Waverley engaged Made Agency to create a campaign that would showcase their new brand and encourage parents to consider the school for their son’s education. Made based the creation of the campaign on the concept that Waverley is a college that inspires its students to achieve their dreams.

Made wanted to recognise and respect the heritage of Waverley College whilst also adapting the brand to a forward-thinking, cleaner aesthetic. Striking the balance between these two concepts were key to creating a successful campaign and brand identity. Alluding to the school’s history as a point of inspiration to further the progression of the identity was referred to in every step of the artistic process. The new campaign focused on three essential pillars: Empowered, Inspired, and Engaged. These pillars were chosen in order to engage students to reach their full potential.

An important tool used in capturing the new and sophisticated look was the Argo slow-motion camera. This is a camera that enables camera motion control and allows the user to get every movement exactly where they want it and where they want it each time. The camera features 7 axis camera control, allowing it to track speed at 2.5 metres per second and track by 6 metres. The slow-motion camera captured several short-length videos of Waverley’s students taking part in the rich culture and activities offered by Waverley College, which then went up around Sydney for the commencement of 2021.

The campaign features images that showcase the students engaged in different pursuits in their education at Waverley College. Each image is a reflection of the campaign tagline that we chose. Not only are students inspired by their learning, but they are able to be engaged and empowered by the curriculum offered at Waverley College.

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Made Agency Sydney - WaverleyCollege - Blog-1-min