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Courage; the ability to do something that frightens one.

Courage is the ability to confront something difficult or dangerous despite feeling fear. Courage is driven by a cause; something worth standing up for and fighting for, despite all reasons not to. It requires maximum effort, because what’s on the other end merits it.

Courage and creativity go hand in hand.

The most influential work and the most reputable designers are relentlessly courageous, often prepared to take creative risks that other designers aren’t. Great design requires the courageous exploration of new territories, perseverance and a complete willingness to overcome any difficulty.

Of course an important part of courage is fear. The fear of failure, making mistakes, losing clients and criticism often stops design agencies from producing their best work. However, we need to push our ideas so we feel energised and excited about charting new and potentially untouched territories for our clients.

Our courage is what drives us to do what we do and move at pace, act with honesty and collaborate relentlessly with the challenge of creating something that engages, inspires and creates a memorable emotional connection with a brand’s unique voice and identity. Inspiring clients to touch, feel and manipulate their brand in a meaningful, positive way is what we aim to do.

At Made, courage is necessary at every stage of our design. You need courage to advocate for the best approach to a design. We strive to override the false constraints imposed by what a brand normally does and create something that is really going to make people stand up and take notice. Being courageous is about making a difference.

Our collective experience in defining, creating and managing brands allows us to be courageous, to innovate and unlock opportunities for growth. We make the bold moves necessary for a brand to break out and succeed.

So, we challenge you to be courageous, to believe in your brand, to create a memorable brand, and, above all, create an experience that is truly worthy of your clients satisfaction.

Are you courageous enough to take that step? If you are, get in touch with us and allow us to create that idea.

Where ideas are made.

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