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Entice; enticed; enticing; enticement; to attract artfully or adroitly or by arousing hope or desire.

When we think enticing, we ultimately think how. At Made, we understand how important it is for clients to feel heard, valued and welcomed.

Enticement is used for them; to truely delight and retain them. In order to successfully entice we need to become experts on the journey that our client walks. We are required to understand, then experiment with changes that will improve their business; in turn aiming to increase the likelihood of them building a lasting relationship with us.

So, how do you entice potential clients to turn their heads your way and how do you keep them? We have put together the five E’s we believe are most important for a successful client journey.


Clients want an agency that will fully invest in them, their business and their ideas. We let our work speak for itself so instead of having to entice a client, we create something enticing for their business. Being able to create something that creates a wow factor shows the client that you are committed to making their business the best it could possibly be.


The enabling factor of a client journey communicates what the client can accomplish once they attain the branding you are creating. If you’re going to sell an idea, sell a big idea. And then make sure your team can deliver it. It’s about going over and above expectations.


Finding creative ways to keep well-informed of what’s going on in your existing clients’ lives, lets them know that your main objective is keeping them happy and meeting expectations. Clients like to feel connected, so make their transition from would-be client to full time client an easy one and they’ll be pleased to stay with a design agency they know will make them feel comfortable and go the extra mile.


Highlight the self-enriching and empowering aspect of the service you are providing. To further enrich your clients’ experience, pay close attention to how they are communicated with when they contact you. First impressions mean everything.


Once you’ve enticed now you have to make moves to keep them. It’s the attention to detail that show your assertiveness in the customer service field when dealing with your clients.

Putting clients first and creating something spectacular is what we do, reach out to get enticed by Made today.

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