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At Made, one of our key values is that we are innovators. But what does this really mean?

To put it simply, innovation involves the development of new products, processes, or business models that better fit consumers. However, in reality, this just scrapes the surface.

Innovation can mean something different to each of us. At Made we believe it is the process of transforming an idea into a never before seen reality with Innovation based on creativity, understanding and delving deeper than anyone else.

In order to be an innovator in design you must self-reflect, identify the space in which brands fall short, and take the necessary steps to fill those gaps. As innovative designers we must also embrace a combination of skillsets in order to achieve ultimate success. Some of skills we think are most important in being innovators are;


Innovators recognise the impact of working as a team, the power it gives the idea and acknowledgement that successful innovation rarely happens alone. Two minds are better than one after all. Innovative designers will embrace the skills and perspectives of those they are working alongside in pursuit of creating positive change.


Not only should you be able to come up with new ideas, but you need to be able to effectively communicate these ideas to your team, clients and consumers. You need to be able to communicate why something is needed.

Critical Thinking

Being able to think strategically about a situation is a huge part of innovation. It allows for an original yet plausible solution or evolution.


Everyone takes inspiration from somewhere, something or someone. Being able to compose a team, along with manage them is key. Leaders are there to inspire their team to embrace change and strive to create the best possible creative.


Is the drive and desire to constantly learn and improve. Having this continuous drive and desire will allow you to dig deeper, make an impact and truly stand out.

Many of us aspire to be innovative. It’s how we define breaking the mold of traditional design. It’s how we use and adapt our skills as designers to reflect changes in the world that allow you to bring something new and inspiring to the table.

Let us show you how our innovation can create an impact for your brand.

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