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ETF Securities

ETF Securities Australia is a specialist, independent provider of
accessible investment solutions. They use transparent and cost-effective
exchange-traded products (ETPs) to enable Australian investors
to achieve their desired outcome, while also intelligently diversifying
their portfolios. They also act as a dedicated source of actionable
investor knowledge for Australian investors and their advisers. ETF
Securities Australia is backed by the expertise, resources, and track
record of the ETF Securities Group, a leading global provider of
specialist ETPs, that developed the world’s first gold and oil ETPs.

Made was tasked with giving the brand an overall refresh. The approach taken was to keep the brand modern whilst having its structural elements remain. The logo is built to reflect our personality. The ETF sits in a strong square container whilst the triangle indicates the specialism in the wider market. The square sits on the strong foundations of Securities, which comes from their trusted market heritage.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Collateral

We are proud of our heritage, our people and our products.