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For over twenty years Tessellated Tile Factory has proudly featured Australia’s largest range of tessellated tiles at their Sydney-based workshop. It’s an iconic tessellated haven for inspiration, design selection and high-end quality where the Tessellated team have helped transform properties all across the country, from heritage and federation homes to serene pathways and grand verandahs. 

Whether you’re planning a visionary DIY or you’re an experienced tradesperson, beyond the vast selection of designs at Tessellated Tile Factory, their team are hands-on with every project and client vision; your opulent tiled bathrooms, kitchens and verandahs are in exceptional hands. As a company, they pride themselves on the highest quality of craftsmanship and meticulous design (a value we here at Made can get on board with). Continuous repeat business from both industry professionals and loyal design lovers has been a clear reflection of their benchmark standards, which was something the team at Made were excited to communicate in the brand refresh; if you want the highest quality designs and service, go to Tessellated Tile Factory.

Made Agency was given the brief for a full brand refresh and website redesign that would elevate Tessellated Tile Factory’s existing identity to a level of aesthetic that appropriately celebrated their iconic past and propelled them towards an exciting future. It was apparent from the beginning that respecting the history of the company was paramount, and executing a modern refresh of the wider brand collateral was very much needed to position them effectively as a high-end service and company. 

The updated brand identity needed to strike a fine balance of traditional and contemporary, starting with the responsive logo system. The team designed a unique and intricately balanced tessellated tile icon visible and recognisable at minimal sizes, to act as a key indicator and anchor of the brand identity across digital and print applications that included business cards, company profile, responsive mobile site, and custom tile boxes.

For the primary TTF wordmark, the classic yet enduring Adobe Garamond and the well-crafted contemporary Founders Grotesk Text (of the fantastic Klim Type Foundry) were paired to communicate a fusion of tradition and modern. During the design development stage, Adobe Garamond was chosen as the primary typeface to represent Tessellated Tile Factory due to its commercial release in 1989. That direct link back in the time of early beginnings of Tessellated Tile Factory was an ideal typographic opportunity not to capitalise on. 

The studio researched tiles from the showroom in collaboration with Tessellated Tile Factory to develop a stripped back palette in line with the interior design of the primary showroom, with the team developing a complimentary and sophisticated pastel green, pink and charcoal scheme. Drawing inspiration from tangible references also played a key role in the development of the brand iconography and graphic elements. Made also created a unique tile design especially for the showroom (influenced by classic archive designs in the showroom and the updated logomark icon) to mark the transition to a new look of Tessellated Tile Factory. 

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