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A brand persona is the personification of the values of a branding design. A character who will dictate the tone of a brand, the language and style of it. It’s an avatar that you have in mind while shaping the way your business and brand is presented to the world. Having a persona in mind is a great tool and helps a lot in establishing a connection with your target market. 

What’s the use of considering a brand persona? 

A brand persona helps ensure that the same tone is used in all campaigns, postings and interactions with the public, always keeping the  company values, aesthetics and purpose in mind. In addition, you will be able to communicate in a more human and natural way, bringing more authenticity and proximity to those you’re serving. 

How to create a Brand Persona for your brand:

The best way to start creating a brand persona is by asking yourself this question, “If my brand was a person, what would it look like?, Who would he/she be?” This involves thinking about feelings, emotions, styles and ideas. To make this idea easier, here are some thoughts that will help you create a persona around your brand and bring it more ‘to life’!

1) Brand pillars – What are your company and business values? What are the things that matter most?

2)   Essence of the brand – Describe the personality of your business and products. What feelings do you come up with? What does the service make your audience feel?

3).  Brand Promise – Reasons that someone prefers your brand over the competition. What promise does your brand make that others don’t or cannot?

4)   Mission – Why does your business exist? Who do you serve? Of course profit is always the primary consideration of any business, but the real impact of your business lies in the way you serve your customers and clientele. 

In order for your brand to be seen as you really want it, you need a communication and marketing strategy that is consistent with your values, purpose and identity. 

These values need to be expressed in every way possible. 

This includes the way you interact with your customers and the entire consumer journey including how your brand is presented visually across different mediums. 

The modern day client wants to be heard and also wants to be able to talk to producers and business owners. Having that instant connection and access is crucial. Today a customer is no longer satisfied in solving his problems in an impersonal way.  In this way, it is essential that customers identify with their brand, and that’s why having a brand persona strategy becomes so important.

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