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Beautiful design is nothing without an effective brand strategy. Whether you are launching a new brand or considering creating a new website for your existing business, a workshop with Made Agency will help fuel the creative process and improve your marketing focus.

We have held workshops with many significant local and international brands from start-ups to major players. This is where synergy and strategy come alive. This is how brands are made.

Our brand workshop is recommended for:

  • Start-up company and/or new brand.
  • An established business or organisation seeking a brand refresh,
    market repositioning and/or revision of brand communications.
  • For a company experiencing a merger and restructure.
  • An established brand looking to develop a sub brand and/or initiative brand.
  • New brand preparing for market launch.


What to expect?

Your brand consultation will be with our Creative Director, Richard Stenlake. The session runs for approximately one hour. To accommodate your busy working schedule, the consultation can take place at our Double Bay office or we can meet up at a more convenient location. Alternatively, sessions can be done via phone or video conference. Before this workshop, you will be required to complete our brand questionnaire. This helps our team get an initial sense for your business and its objectives. To fuel the collaborative process, we need to learn more about your brand, market, customers, competitors and your future goals.

Why do it?

Our experience, research and hunger for knowledge are all critical factors to developing your brand and strategy. This proven process has been the foundation for many great working relationships between Made Agency and our clients and their successful brands. Our brand workshops are productive, collaborative and extremely useful to better understand your business. We can then work towards determining your brand’s specific requirements and how we can best help make a difference and achieve results.

How it works?

The cost for an initial Made Agency brand workshop is $320 for new clients. Afterwards, if the client engages Made Agency for branding work, this workshop fee will be credited to the client in full.

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