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Company Visual Identity

True to its reputation, Simplify Finance operates with honesty and integrity, providing services that are extremely professional, tailored and rely on thorough expertise from their team. In a saturated and cagey sector, their honesty and uniqueness stand out.

They focus on the bigger picture, building quality relationships with clients and operate across a broad range of sectors and areas to a high standard. To put simply, they exist to clarify and simplify your finances to the betterment of your financial position.

Simplify Finance’s primary target audience is a broad-spectrum, their needs however remain the same: customers looking to refinance or restructure their loans/finances and customers looking to increase wealth through property investment.

Made based the creation of the new visual identity on a number of elements that positioned Simplify Finance as a smart, modern company with a unique edge that separates them from the rest of the industry.

We created a simple and minimalist primary logo showcasing the company name ‘Simplify Finance’ with an array of contrasting colours to be selected for the font and background. A secondary wordmark was designed to compliment the primary logo, with the text located in a different position to highlight the difference. We also designed a simple monogram of SF in brackets as the final pillar of the logo hierarchy. This forms a scalable and responsive logo system to be used interchangeably in various contexts of the brand assets.

The colour palette features a charcoal, cream, bright blue and white. When used in the logo, the colours create contrast and complexity.   

We chose halvard display regular as the headline font and maax regular as our body copy font, in different applications, the graphic features complement the typography and are built around creating simplicity and cohesion.

This idea is an extension of the brand concept which is “the right solution is always the simple solution”. This elegantly outlines Simplify Finance’s services, they are here to provide clarity and simplify your finances to the betterment of your financial position.

The finished result of our collaboration was a visual identity that beautifully encapsulates Simplify Finance’s tone of voice and future direction as a brand. Complexity is unnecessary; simplicity is key.

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Logo Visual Identity