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If you’re an existing online business or an aspiring entrepreneur you’ve probably heard of e-commerce. E-commerce is all over the internet. Whenever you buy something online, you’re engaging in an e-commerce transaction.

When designing websites, it is important to keep the user in mind. Finding ways to attract their attention and make them want to explore the website is essential in having effective design. Creating an interactive web design that is interesting to users can make a big difference in the way your site is perceived and enjoyed.

There are three main elements that can help to make your creative web design interesting: atmosphere, entertainment and surprise. Atmosphere is about creating a world for the viewer to explore within your content. Entertainment means meeting the senses of the users, making it interesting and communicating with the audience. Surprise involves generating layers of discovery, with new things to find within the website.

So how can you use these elements to achieve an interesting creative web design company?

Create unexpected surprises

The element of surprise can be a great way to make your website more interesting. It allows you to lure the viewer in and make them want to explore more. However, be careful to make sure these surprises work well with the rest of the website and don’t overpower.

Keep it high quality

From videos and photos to text and transitions, it is essential that your web design is at a high quality. Transition times should be quick and imagery should be high resolution. Poor quality design will detract from the viewer’s interest and make it less engaging.

Keep it simple

When making your website interactive, it is important not to try too hard. Sometimes the best websites use the most simple ideas. It’s all in the execution – do it well and you will have a great creative web design company!

Know your user

Knowing your target audience well can make sure you design what they will like. It will help you to add content that will interest them more, as well as use designs that they will like. Knowing your user before you start designing will make it easier for you to make it more interesting for them!

Let the user interact

Allowing the user to interact independently can make the website more interesting for them. Pressing a button to uncover something, or a play bar on a video can make your design more engaging. On the Made website, we use a play button on our showreel, as well as a collapsible navigation menu to let the user interact and make it more interesting.

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