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Target Hunter encapsulates premium performance within a business, offering leaders and professionals the skills and tools to maximise results and sales, creating an individualised path to success. The team at Made partnered with Target Hunter to visualise their core brand values through design and deliver an identity that represented what they wanted to benchmark for their business. Target Hunter conducts an education far deeper than any other training platform which stems from their experience and reputation in creating methodical improvement processes for growth and success.

Before starting to develop Target Hunter visually, Made worked to create a brand strategy that would set a point of difference and further separate their company as leaders in the industry. After extensive research and collaboration with the CEO of Target Hunter, the team at Made Agency combined abstract symbols of speech and a hawk to convey the visionary values of the brand and be the identity mark that would represent Target Hunter. This logo mark was then accompanied by both a clear-cut visual system and powerful, decisive imagery to further assert the integrity of their services. This branding successfully inspires a culture of high-performance building within a business.

Made Agency was also responsible for designing and building a fast, secure and responsive website that would further convey their brand pillars and also aid as a platform to communicate their value proposition to prospective clients. Their brand strategy is echoed within their website and across all digital assets featuring the logo mark further alluding to the overall metaphor of Target Hunter being “Leading you to greatness.”

Made were involved in the Branding, Web Design, UI/UX and digital design, Target Hunter have been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and we continue to work together on both Target Hunter and any upcoming avenues. For more of a detailed look at this project, visit the Target Hunter project pages.

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