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Inspired by Roman architecture, Pantheone Audio bridges the gap between design and sensibility by completely immersing the user within the sound that becomes multi-dimensional. Made were involved in the brand development and conceptual ideation of Pantheone Audio which would later become a gateway to everlasting sound. From naming, copywriting, brand development, and campaign ideation, Made Agency, and the team aimed to create a concept that exceeded sound engineering through design.

The ideation of the naming of Pantheone was developed in close collaboration with the client, where the brand name eludes to key touchpoints of Pantheone’s identity and values. These identity touchpoints would enhance a sense of time and place whilst also highlighting the essence of quality sound. Once the naming was established and a core platform was created, the team at Made Agency then further developed a visual concept that would flow throughout all brand assets.

‘When you enter your space that feeling of freedom must always be present. When you listen to what matters most it needs to sound sensational. Always. These are feelings, true moments, you want to return to. Introducing Pantheone – stunning design with sound perfection. Everlasting sound is here.

Featuring beautiful sound and stunning design, Pantheone will be effortlessly at home in your space. Its pure, full sound is absolute perfection. The unique shape and revered engineering to enhance the listening experience. Every layer is shared, presenting pristine musical texture to heighten the moment. From electronic and hip hop to jazz and orchestral music as well as the in-home cinema experience. Pantheone is at one with sound in your space. Powerful enough to fill the largest of rooms while portable enough to move between spaces. Here design is key, freedom is a must and sound is everything.’

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