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We’ve had such a great response to our “Graphic Design Trends for 2021” post and especially in Minimalist Graphic Design, so A BIG THANK YOU, from Made Agency.

And we’ve had a few requests asking if we could delve deeper into the thinking of a logo design company. So for the next seven weeks, we’re going to explore each of the graphic design trends we covered in our last post.

And this week it’s Minimalist Graphic Design. 


How do you apply minimalism to graphic design and in particular logo design?

Logo design is critical because your logo is your graphic identity to the world. A minimalist logo design communicates your brand with clarity, and this is what helps build a strong branding identity with your target audience.

The current graphic design trends of 2021 see design moving towards simple aesthetics, with clean lines being the focus. Simple visual elements with bespoke fonts are something Made agency sees will continue beyond 2021. This allows logo design to work clearly and effectively across multiple mediums.

When our client Simply Finance came to us, we saw minimalism as a key design feature for their brand and used our skills of Minimalist Graphic Design. Check out what we did here at Made Agency.

Simply Finance