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Small Business Website Design

We already know that your website is your business card on a different platform, in our previous post, we spoke about the reasons why a website designer is essential for your business. Your site needs to advertise your services or products and should be a 24-hour relationship and sales channel with your customers.

But what makes a good website?

Here are some tips for making the best use of this platform:  

Less is More

That does not mean having less content or removing every website. Having this mentality literally will force you to polish your message and finetune your business purpose. What is the purpose of the website? Also it will convey your USP in a much better way. Less clutter also means better conversions.


If the website does not show the right kind of information to engross the visitor in a period of 15 to 30 seconds, it results in cancelling loading the page and goes to another website.

Think about it and make your website load as fast as possible. What usually makes pages slow, among other factors, are many codes and scripts being uploaded, heavy images and flash animations – which are not even read by Google.

Intuitive UX to generate interest

The user experience should always be taken into consideration when creating the map of your site, it is a fundamental aspect, this is part of the invitation for the individual to dive into your web page and discover all the content you make available.

Nobody wants to get lost inside a website.

Responsive Design

Today, a lot of the searches are done directly on the smartphone and there is nothing more annoying than clicking open a website and finding that  it is not optimised for mobile platforms.

The content is harder to read and find, the texts are too small to read and it is difficult to click on the links. This causes your visitor to leave your site quickly, generating disinterest.

We would love to help you with yours!

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