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Trying to find inspiration when rebranding?

Many companies rebrand to evolve with their target audience and keep the brand current and distinguishable. It has been found that rebranding is effective in setting companies apart from competitors and consequently improving their overall performance. Rebranding also allows brands to change their focus to better reflect the company and connect with audiences more. To make the best rebranding decisions, you need a significant amount of thought and planning involved. We go through our top tips for finding inspiration when rebranding.

Think about this –

  1. Would someone know what your business is about as soon as they land on the website? What elements convey that information?
  2. Is there a call to action, an opt-in offer or a service offering so they know what to do next?
  3. Is your design created to attract the client or is it distracting?
  4. Do the images and graphic elements reflect your brand? Are you creating the content to reflect and enhance your brand or does it look like it belongs elsewhere?

1. Talk to staff and customers

Companies can better understand how the brand is currently viewed if they talk with both staff members and customers. After that, you can determine goals or if the views of the company are currently aligned with that of customers. The process can give the brand an idea of where to start with their rebranding and ensure that decisions reflect customer and staff views.

2. Create mood boards

Looking at other brands for inspiration can also be a great way to find inspiration for where to take the rebrand. It can also help to give the creative team an idea of what you envision for the brand to guide them in designing the rebrand.

2. Find a graphic design team to rebranding

Graphic designers have extensive experience in rebranding and can not only help in generating content for your rebranding but providing inspiration for where to go with it. At Made Agency, we specialise in rebranding, from creating new websites to corporate documents and stationary.

As a branding agency, one of our recent projects was for Sea capital, a property management and marketing company exclusively for developers. This rebrand involved the creation of stationery, corporate documents, website, and environmental signage. The vision was to make it professional and eye-catching, with inspiration for the design associated with sea in the name of Seacapital, which we used to create the idea of a wave in the logo.