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Collaboration – Acting, being or existing together. Ever wondered why collaboration is important in design?

Everything naturally comes down to effective communication and mutual understanding. Collaboration is one of the main aspects of a great design agency. Whether it be collaboration between your team, other designers or artists – even people from other industries, the more minds approaching a project, the better the result. Below is a review at how collaboration helps Made and our clients:

Made Agency

We believe design is a feedback orientated industry. Collaboration between our clients and team allows us to share our vision, thoughts and ideas and combine them to get the best results possible. Collaboration in our team allows us to be constructive whilst communicating and making important decisions. We have found that from collaborating with each other we experience an encouraging environment where we can share constructive design critique. Its about what is right not who is right.


The main thing our clients value is information exchange. This collaboration allows them to be provided with different versions of branding, digital or any other medium in which they are able to provide feedback on. This type of communication leads to a synchronized team effort and long-lasting trust and relationships to be built between ours client and our team at Made Agency.

We work closely with our clients so we have put together some key points that will help you identify a good designer-client relationship or vice versa, and how you can improve your existing relationships.

1. Clarity

As a designer you need to be clear about what you can offer. As a client you need to be open and transparent about what you want or need. Establishing clarity within this relationship is one of the most important things to do from the outset.

2. Feedback

As a creative, it is crucial to have constant back and forth communication with a client so you can best meet client needs. This is why honest feedback is important, again its whats right not whos right and we always push as much feedback as possible in any given situation.

3. Trust

It is important to create and maintain a level of trust in order to have a lasting and rewarding relationship for the client and agency. Achieving satisfaction on the end of both parties can sometimes be a difficult task. This is why this process is important as it allows creatives to get a better understanding of client needs.

Our studio has always thrived on open honest collaboration and creative exploration. If you want to collaborate reach out and we will see if we are the best fit for you and your brand.

It’s where ideas are made.

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