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The story of Alexander’s Batch begins in a family cellar, with a young boy sent to grab another bottle of red for the dinner table. In the half-light of a sleep bulb under wooden beams, the boy found himself drawn to the scent of rugged old barrels, faded vintage labels, boxes of maroon-stained corks, and rows of bottles, shining faintly. In the quiet magic of that cellar, the boy felt a spark in his chest as he picked up an old bottle and drew the shape of an ‘A’ into the dust-covered glass.

Made Agency Sydney created a brand for Alexanders Batch that fused an appreciation for tradition and clean, contemporary minimalism. Above all else, the brand needed a quiet elegance and class, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. The studio produced brand, packaging, and website design that first and foremost let the quality of product do the talking.

The story continues on a Santorini hillside in the warm September sun; the final day of harvest has arrived at a small family vineyard. Friends and family carry the basket of precious green pearls on tired shoulders to the barn at the base of the hill and tip their contents into a broad wooden barrel. Crisp, cool liquid runs around ankles and shins as they twist and stomp and squeeze the grapes. It’s there, that Alexander made the realisation: passion and hard-work always produce something special.

From an early age, a deep devotion to, and appreciation of tradition is, and always will be, at the very heart of Alexander’s Batch. Every batch and bottle is influenced by a vibrant and proud Greek heritage, summer holidays spent at a family vineyard in Santorini, and a firsthand education based around high-quality Australian wine. Through an understanding of complex and unique floral tones and vibrant palettes, each batch imprints an appreciation for beautiful, captivating wine. Among the dust-covered bottles of that family cellar, Alexanders Batch was only a matter of time.

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