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Michael’s Double Bay

Michael’s Double Bay has built up a reputation for providing customers with a happy experience every time. The hallmarks of their good service include experienced staff, an amazing and reputable menu, a renown for cleanliness and healthy foods as well as years of experience in the industry.

It was important that the new brand identity epitomise the values which are reflected in Michael’s Double Bay’s services, freshness, friendliness, cleanliness, efficiency and value for money. We wanted to emphasise that Michael’s is the place to be and engage customers to come and explore what they have to offer. Some of the key objectives that required attention in this project was branding recognition that would result in increases in online presence, an increase in customer base and a very busy streamlined business operation in all sectors.

Made designed and developed an identity that was inclusive of these elements and celebrates Michael’s Double Bay’s warm, personalised feel. The branding strikes a balance between vintage and modern, contributing to the authentic atmosphere. We created a logo that played off our carefully selected colour scheme, this was created with the intention to feature in all essential brand assets. The primary logo provides an important foundation for the design elements, it helps to form cohesion across the visual identity.

We also designed numerous supporting illustrations to add character and depth to branding, this included a detailed illustration of a lion and eagle, to represent the South African heritage of the owners, as well a baguette and coffee to reflect the services the café offers.

Another key area of the brand extension included the menu concept and design, we wanted the menus to be easy to read and a reflection of the already established visual elements. Our carefully chosen colour scheme included a selection of white, black, red and grey to be used in all assets of branding.

The digital side of brand assets was inclusive of social media and website design and development. The website is sophisticated yet user friendly, appealing to the wide variety of demographics that are typical customers at Michael’s.

The result of our collaboration was a cohesive visual identity that encompassed the values and services offered by Michael’s Double Bay. Our team of creatives were able to produce a brand that was modern, yet touched on the heritage, vintage notes derived from the history of the café.

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Michael’s Double Bay